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Crosby Beach

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Kate and Lena at Crosby Beach

Meanwhile, Lynne, Lena and Kate went to Another Place at Crosby Beach and then on to Southport. A Victorian penny arcade on the pier, fish and chips and home. A good day out for February. Lena and Kate’s father was not with them but they found a substitute!

The Photographs


Oranges and Storks

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orange people small.jpg

Clearing up the oranges in Serpa

Serpa – Alcoutin 106Km 5h 27 min Av Hr Rate 61% Av Speed 19.5

Weather forecasts have not worked for me in this area. It is cool with a perfect blue sky. The TV tells me it be cloudy with possible showers. I do not think so. I saw Hoopoes, Storks, Grouse, Lapwing and Azure winged Magpies. As I loaded up the bike I met the pavement crew knocking the oranges on to the street. I took their photograph.

The photographs if you did not see them on the last post.


Up the Guadiana without a freewheel

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Serpa – Pulo do Lobo – Serpa 40Km Av 59% Av 17.00 Km/Hr

square small.jpg

Praca da Rebublica – Serpa Portugal

I went out at first light to take some photographs and find breakfast. I found a Café with locals who were sat down and eating – a good sign!

The photographs



Alcoutin – Serpa

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Alcoutin – Serpa Tuesday 12th February 110Km Av HR 63% 17.8Km hr

Guadiana river small.jpg

The end of the road at the Guadiana river

The plan was to have an easier day as yesterday had been hard work. Breakfast was 8:00 and I did start until 9:00am. Perfect weather. I started riding in shorts and short sleeved shirt with sun cream smeared in appropriate places.


Faro – Alcoutin – Portugal

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Alcoutin hotel small.jpg

Guadiane hotel empty in February


A 16 degree Centigrade temperature rise

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Last week it was snowy and freezing, this week it was a lot warmer with no wind. As the Snake Pass was still closed we drove up to the land slip and cycled from there.

reflection small1.jpg

View from Ladybower Reservoir



Little news

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This week I got as wet as one get in a suit without jumping into a swimming pool. Thursday 31st January was an extreme day on the weather front, water fell out of the sky, there was lightning, thunder and gale force winds. A twenty minute walk in Manchester was an extreme experience. I taught in bare feet for most of the day with shoes and socks on the radiator. By the weekend it had turned to small.jpg

View from the Longendale cycle track


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