Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


We all have a cross to bear

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Jacob’s ladder – I think it is Andy preparing for ordination that made me look at this picture and select the title for this post

Andy and I had a ride that rid us of the rigours of the week, some might ask why one would have to put oneself through that degree of pain to clear the head. It works for us.

I forgot my camera but Andy remembered his.


Al had a Birthday

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combo al upload.jpg

Photographs are here

Click on View Slideshow and change max size to 1024X1024. Change the view to full screen. I have to wait awhile before they are downloaded and the slide show starts.


Swallow’s Wood

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Swallow’s Wood in January


A New Year’s Ride

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Descending from the Shooter’s cabin near Hayfield – Snowy conditions!

Our customary ride early in the near year was near forgotten with the departure of Steve to New Zealand. A reminder from Steve ensured that Andy and I got out for a ride. We had not reached the Grouse Inn before we met the Police and smashed cars that had collided on the black ice. As we took a photograph we were told that the cameras could be confiscated and we were forbidden to publish the photograph.



Christmas Day

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Sarah and Isabel with new friend


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