Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


The coldest day a test had ever been played in 7.4 C

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I wore 2 cycle shirts,jumper, waterproof, cycle hat and long cycle trousers – I was still cold when the hail came

We had a surprisingly good weekend – 40 miles around the Forest of Bowland in the sun on Saturday with paralysed legs – see previous post. On Monday we went to the Wirral and cycled 45 miles having fish and chips and getting hailed on. I cannot think why I spend all that money to go to places like Portugal and Morocco in the winter and stay here in the summer to get the good weather. It has not happened this year.

Not quite making it to the end of half term.

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I knew that I had lost it when, Dave a colleague from work, asked me the name of a person I had appointed a few weeks ago and had greeted five minutes before with “Morning Yasmin”. I could not remember her name. The symptoms I showed the next day were classic and worth relating.


Ray Davies

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Rick and Clare.jpg

Rick and Clare route finding

We spent Saturday night and Sunday in Chesterfield visiting Rick and Clare. We had tickets for Ray Davies on Sunday evening. We had more rain in twenty four hours than should be seen in a country that does not have a monsoon, or may be we do.

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