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“After the bomb”

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Lynne was finding mountain biking too much like hard work, so we bought touring bikes. It is all about choosing your road!

Roads can be in various conditions but today we found one that would have made a good film set for a film titled “After the bomb” and it got worse.

Slideshow of the route


The National Park

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Getting biblical near the church of St Pietro

It said on the TV last night that it would be 26 degrees today! I woke up to big drops of rain and a cloudy sky, I did not believe. I used the suntan sparingly and set off for a big ride into the National Park. 700 metres of ascent over 20 Km was pleasant with a large number of orchids and cyclamen.


Trip to Sardinia

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We made a 1:00 am start as we were flying from Luton early in the morning. The intention had been to get a few hours sleep. It was a good idea that did not work in practice as Kate rang at about 10:30 pm – she had forgotten that we were flying later that night.

The view from our apartment in Maria Navarrese as we unpacked the next morning


Lesser Celandine

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Our first outing of the year with the touring bikes. It was a surpirse then to spend the first hour off road. We started from Stoney Middleton went down the main road to Calver then off road to Longstone. Later we visited Bakewell and hoped to get a brew in Chesterfield at Rick Scott’s house.

The view from High Rake looking towards Curbar

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